Everyday Roots eBook review
Learn how to replace the toxic products and medications in your home with over 215 healthier, all-natural alternatives.

Everyday Roots was written by Claire Goodall, a long time bee-keeper, holistic health advocate, real fan of life and the natural world. She invested the majority of her time in a little cabin in the frontier of waters, a life which offered her a deep love of nature.everyday-roots-book-claire

Claire became motivated to seek alternatives to mainstream products when a medications she was taking stopped working. She was also experiencing a variety of side effects from medications. This gave her the idea of researching the material for Everyday Roots. She realized that lots of people were in a similar situation and would welcome a comprehensive source of information on safe and natural alternatives to mainstream medications and household products. Claire realized that most people don’t have the time to spend long hours researching all of the hazards that are contained in our products and environment.

By putting all of this material in one easy to understand volume, she provides people with a reference book they can turn to again and again. In Everyday Roots, Claire presents people with practical information that allows them to be healthier and to save money as well.